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100% Net Back Collections (FREE Collection Service)

       Rocky Mountain Credit strongly encourages its’ clients to utilize a contractual agreement with their customer base that includes a clause which obligates the customer to pay collection charges in the event their account is assigned for collection. This drastically increases the efficiency of our client’s accounts receivable department as well as the collectability of the assigned accounts. It does so by allowing the client to assign problem accounts for collection much earlier in the collection ageing cycle when the information is more timely and accurate and therefore the collectability is higher. The collection charges are assessed in addition to the assigned balance and upon collection; the client receives back 100% of the assigned balance. Since there is no charge to the client, there is less question or concern for the client as to when and if to turn an account over for collection. An internal deadline can be set (i.e. 60 days delinquent) and adhered to for assigning the account for collection without incurring any loss. This in turn, increases the likelihood that the account will be collected, with the overall effect on the client’s bottom line of reducing annual charge offs.

       Rocky Mountain Credit is glad to assist in the creation of proper wording in the client’s contractual agreements and has a sample available upon request.